Aluminium sulfate

Aluminium sulfate


Product Name: Aluminium sulfate

Molecular formula:Al2O12S3
Density:2.71 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Used in artificial gems and advanced production of ammonium alum.

1.Water effluent treatment system:it's used for purification of drinking water and wastewater treatment by settling of impurities by means of precipitation and flocculation.

2.Paper industry:it helps in sizing of paper at neutral and alkaline pH,thus improving paper quality(reducing spots and holes and improving sheet formation and strength)and sizing efficiency.

3.Textile industry:it is used for color fixing in Naphthol based dyes for cotton fabric.

4.Other uses:leather tanning,lubricating compositions,fire retardants;decolorizing agent in petroleum,deodorizer;food additive;firming agent;dyeing mordant;foaming agent in firefighting foams;fireproofing cloth;catalyst;pH control;waterproofing concrete;aluminum compounds,zeolites etc.

Aluminium sulfate



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