Aluminium Nitride(AIN)

Aluminium Nitride(AIN)

Product name: Aluminium Nitride(AIN)
Appearance: white Powder
Application: Thermal conductivity materials
Density(g/cm3): 3.26
Structure: Hexagonal
Thermal conductivity: 120 – 220 W/m.K
Size: D50: 2um

After molding and sintering process, the aluminum nitride can be used for high power IC, LED chip aluminum nitride carrier plate, high thermal conductive electronic aluminum nitride plate, high thermal conductive co-fired ceramics, high thermal conductive radiation heat sink, metallurgy crucible and wafer microwave plasma process carrier, high-value ceramic shade and cooling mode components.

Aluminum nitride powder can be mixed with Epoxy, PI(Polyimide), Silicon, acrylic and other materials and refined to composite materials of high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, which can be used in LED, semiconductor package of high thermal conductive film, hard and soft substrates of high thermal conductivity, aluminum (metal) substrates insulation material, thermal paste (plastic), thermal pads, thermal dissipation protection paint, thermal dissipation printing ink.

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