Barium sulfide

Barium sulfide

Product Name: Barium sulfide
CAS: 21109-95-5 
Molecular Formula: BaS
Molecular weight:170.40
Appearance:Gray crystalline powder
EINECS number: 244-214-4
Density: 4.25
Water soluble: Insoluble in alcohol

Product Description:

Barium sulfide is a yellow or black red powder. There is a smell of hydrogen sulfide. It gradually hydrolyzes to hydrogen sulfide and barium hydroxide when it is in contact with water. Phosphorescence is emitted when trace impurities are contained. Toxic and corrosive. Used to make arsenic-free hydrogen sulfide. A sulfurizing agent is used to prepare a base of a cerium salt and a luminescent powder. Barium sulfate is mixed with coal powder for calcination, separation and purification.

Mainly used for manufacturing all kinds of barium salt, the raw material of lithopone; Also used as a rubber vulcanizing agent and leather hair removal agent. Hydrogen sulfide in the analytical chemistry to occur. Agriculture as acaricide and sterilization agent.

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