Barium sulfate

Barium sulfate

Product Name: Barium sulfate
CAS number: 7727-43-7
Formula: Ba(NO3)2 
Density: 4.5g /mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Molecular Weight: 261.35 

Physicochemical Properties:
White crystal powder or particle ,specific gravity is 3.24 (23), melting point is 592.It is decomposed into oxides in combustion and gives out green flares.It is noxious!

1, As the digestive system in the medical contrast.

2, Used to manufacture barium oxide and barium peroxide,optical glass,pottery glazes,and used as explosives,additives for combustion,green-color fireworks,signal flares and flame tracers,also used in antisepsis,chemical agents and medication.And sometimes it is also used in low-temperature salt bath for metal heat treatment.

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