Lithium Bromide, The solution

Lithium Bromide, The solution

Product name: Lithium Bromide, The solution

CAS: 7550-35-8

Formula: LiBr
Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid
Molecular weight: 86.85
Melting points: 549°C
Boiling Point: 1265°C


1. Good vapor absorbent and air humidity conditioner.

2.  Refrigeration industry: used as absorption refrigerants.

3. Organic industry :  used for hydrogen chloride and organic fiber expansion agent.

4. Pharmaceutical : Used as a hypnotic and sedative.

5. Battery industry:  used as high energy battery and a battery electrolyte.

6. Also used in photographic industry and analytical chemistry.

Used as dehumidify agent for air conditioning, and air or gas drying equipment.

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