Liquid Sodium methoxide

Liquid Sodium methoxide

Product name: Liquid Sodium methoxide

CAS.NO: 124-41-4

Molecular Formula: NaOCH3
Formula Weight: 54.024g/mol
Appearance: colorless liquid

Liquid Sodium methoxide is used in the synthesis and medicine.It can get high concentration of Sodium methoxide, low Free alkali , it can remove the impurities of alcohol types, therefore, concentration of Na2CO3 in this method is lower than that of alkali method, it can get higher quality and yield.

1. Used as alkaline condensation agent and catalyst in organic synthesis;used in the compound of spice,dyestuff etc.Be the raw material of vitamin B1,A and sulfadiazine; as the condensating agent in organic synthesis; as the catalyst of edible oils and fats processing;be the important raw material of medicines compound for sulfadiazine,SMZ, sulfanilamide synergist etc.
2. As raw material,main used in Pharmaceuticals and pesticide,also in dyestruff industry and chemical fiber industry,as catalyst in fatty ester exchange.
3. Widely used in spice industry,dyestuff industry etc.

Sealed packing and stored in a cool, dry place away from light, oxidizing agents and acids.

Shipped in 15 days after payment

20 kg/bag,20 kg/drum,80 kg/drum,135 kg/drum

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