Magnesium ingot

Magnesium ingot

Product name: Magnesium Ingot 

Magnesium: 99.8 % min. 
Copper: 0.02%max 
Manganese: 0.1% max
Silicon: 0.05 % max 
Aluminium : 0.05% max 
Other: 0.05% max
Must be dry, oxide free,
and free of combustible 
Size: 300 grams +/- 20%
1000kg bulk bags

Description: The Mg Metal is a fairly strong, silvery-white, light-weight metal. Magnesium ingot is a important material in avigation industry, magnesium alloy is widely used in making airplane, engine and other parts, it is also used in making optics instrument.The application of magnesium ingots are mainly concentrated in aluminum production.

Danger Grade: General Cargo

Shipping: within 25 days

Packaging: in 1mt bag

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