Product Name: Magnesium

CAS.NO: 7439-95-4

Molecular formula: Mg
Density: 0.889 g/mL at 25 °C
Shape: powder
Material: magnesium
Chemical Composition: Mg
Heat of fusion: 8.48 kJ/mol
Relative atomic mass: 24.3050
Brinell hardness: 260 MPa
Heat of vaporization: 128 kJ/mol
Appearance: powder
Color: silvery white of magnesium metal powder

Product Description: 
Used in the manufacture of fireworks and signal flare.

Magnesium powder can server as desulfurizer or cleaning agent for steel-making industry and casting of non-ferrous metals, and reducer for production of rare metal. In recent years, magnesium powder has been mostly used in spaying, coating, anti-corrosion, polycrystalline silicon, and casting of metallurgical powder as well.

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10 or 20 kg/ iron barrel with plastic bag lining or according to your requirements.

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