Seven water in the magnesium sulfate particles (99.5%)

Seven water in the magnesium sulfate particles (99.5%)

Product Name: Seven water in the magnesium sulfate particles (99.5%)

CAS: 10034-99-8

Molecular formula: MgSO4.7H2O
Molecular weight: 246.47
Purity: Make high quality steel sulfur elements of less than 0.004%. Passivation magnesium content than the 99.5% before, after the passivation magnesium in 75-94% activity. 

White transparent crystal .
Magnesium sulfate, and sulfur bitter, bitter name salt, epsomite.

Appearance and properties: 
Magnesium Sulfate, also known as bitter salt. Epsom salt, is a kind of magnesium containing compounds. Appearance is a colorless or white crystal or white powder. No smell. It has bitter taste. Deliquescence.

(1) agriculture as fertilizer 
Magnesium is the important ingredients, chlorophyll it for photosynthesis is indispensable. Magnesium element is many enzymes of activator, can promote the metabolism of carbohydrates, nucleic acid synthesis, phosphate transformation. Magnesium sulfate is a very important fertilizer, because it can provide rich nutrition. Crops Magnesium elements crop growth and help to high yield. Magnesium sulfate is good fertilizer, it can not only provide magnesium elements and sulfur elements, and can loose soil. Magnesium and other 15 kinds of element is considered plant growth and high yield nutrition agent, the plant nutrition and fertilizer, traditional fertilizer containing the nutrition (n, p, k) is clearly to increase agricultural productivity. And the amount of nutrients (calcium, magnesium, sulfur) and trace nutrients (zinc, copper, iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum and chlorine) in the soil become less, lack of these nutrients can lead to crop yield reduced. Practice proves magnesium by the excess extracted from the soil is widely distributed in the lack of the diseases of the main root, magnesium is to improve productivity and the important ingredient in agricultural production, must timely supplements it. 
(2) used to feed additives 
Feed grade magnesium sulfate as magnesium supplementation in feed processing. Magnesium is the livestock in bone in the body made process and muscle contraction indispensable factor when in the body, is the livestock DuoZhong enzyme activation agent, the body of the material of livestock and poultry metabolic and nerve function played a very important role. If the lack of livestock and poultry, can lead to substance magnesium metabolism and nerve function disorder, supply disorders, influence the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and even cause death. 
(3) used to guide the saturated solution for external use diarrhea, have antiphlogistic, I apply swelling, detoxification, and has analgesic effect, can restrain the central nervous, fight the faint, antispasmodic action; town 
(4) used for printing and dyeing muslin cotton, silk, the deterioration of the agent, the development of the products packing; 
(5) for use in the grass, fertilizer, porcelain, pigment, matches, explosives and fire materials; 
(6) microbial industry as medium components, brewing additives, added the magnesium, make water brew of fermentation YingYangYuan; 
(7) tanning industry in filling agent enhance heat resistance; 
(8) in light industry used to produce fresh yeast, monosodium glutamate and used in the production of toothpaste DCP stabilizer; 
(9) the cement of coagulant; 
(10) pulp industry, rayon and silk industry, also used. 
(11) contain a small amount of gesso or excluding gesso can be used for water content cannot too much of the product synthesis and mixed ingredients used in organic chemical, can be used in desiccant and dehydrant, used for printing and dyeing fine thin cotton cloth, silk, as the deterioration of the agent and wadding kapok products packing. 

Magnesium sulphate should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly sealed containers. 

Shipped in 15 days after payment

25kg/bag, 20-25ton per 20'FCL

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