Synthetic Kieserite

Synthetic Kieserite
Water Soluble MgO
Free Acid
Sulfur Content(S)

Product Name: Synthetic Kieserite

CAS No.: 14168-73-1

Classification: Sulphate
Type: Magnesium Sulphate
Other Names: Kieserite
EINECS No.: 231-298-2
Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity: 99%
Appearance: Free-flowing White Crystalline Powder
Application: Agriculture
Color: white
Solubility: Easy soluble in water

Product description:
(1)Synthetic kieserite is a kind of multi-nutrition fertilizer witch contains MgO and S. It can promote photosynthesis of plants, metabolism of fat and carbonhydrate.
(2)It has been used widely in the tropics and subtropics areas of China where soil is poor. In that areas the sulfate decompose easily then the sulfate loss from field. It can improve soil and promote crops yield by suing natural kieserite rationally.
(3) It has been proved that natural kieserite can increase yield 10~30% to tree, rubber tree, palm date tree, pineapple tree, banana tree, sugar-cane, peanut, soybean, sweet potato, potato, rice, tobacco and so on. 

Kieserite (MgSO4.H2O) is widely used in agriculture and forestry. It is the best supplementary of Magnesium fertilizer for insufficient Magnesium crops and soil. Both Mg and S influence a wide range of metabolic processes. They are essential in order to achieve high yield and good quality.

It can be absorbed easily and can't destroy the PH value of soil. Also it is a supplementary Magnesium additive for compound fertilizer. It can be mixed with other fertilizers as well used alone.

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In 25kg bag /50 kg bag /45 kg bag /1300kg jumbo bag, and so on .

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