Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride

Product name: Magnesium Chloride

CAS No.: 7786-30-3;14989-29-8

Magnesium Chloride Anhydrous Granular 
Mgcl2: 99.9% min
Kcl: 0.005% max
Nacl: 0.005% max
Cacl2: 0.005% max
Fe: 0.002% max
Si: 0.002% max
Color: white
0.5 - 1.6mm 70%min
〈 0.5mm 20%max
〈 0.05mm 10%max 

1. Metallurgy: 
Used to make refractory material and is raw material of making number 2 flux and smelting magnesium. 
2. Chemical: 
Used to make all kinds magnesium slat such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, cracker kindling and raw material of antifreeze. 
3. Construction material: 
MGO and it can be made into hard corrsion resistance magnesia cement, artificial marble, floor, ceiling, decorative board, fireproof board, partition board, Magnesite well lid, bathtub, door and window frame and mobile home. 
4. Machine: 
In daily life, magnesite and it can be made into machine pakcing chest, triangle cushion and furniture etc. 
5. Food: 
Bean curd made from solution of magnesium chloride is more tender and delicious. Also it can act as some food's additive. 
6. Communication: 
As snow thawing agent in road. Quicker ice melting speed, small vehicle corrsion.

Danger Grade: General Cargo

Shipping: within 10 days after receiving the payment.

Packaging: 25kg plastic lined woven bags

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