Magnesium chromate pentahydrate

Magnesium chromate pentahydrate

Product name: Magnesium Chromate Pentahydrate; Magnesium Chromate

CAS: 16569-85-0  

Molecular Formula: MgCrO4.5H2O
Molecular weight: 230.38
Application: applied to the non-oriented silicon steel sheet etc.
Shape: Liquid
Material: Magnesium Chromate
Dimensions: 0.8~2.5μm
Chemical Composition: Magnesium Chromate
Color: Orange
Density: 1.10~1.15
Type: Orange liquid
Appearance: Orange liquid
PH value: 5.0~6.0
Grade: Industrial Grade
Usage: applied to the non-oriented silicon steel sheet etc.

Technical Index:
1. Appearance: Orange liquid
2. Stability: keep 10~15 days at 0~25℃
3. Density: 1.10~1.15 at 25℃
4. PH value: 5.0~6.0
5. Film forming temperature: 450℃~680℃
6. Film forming time: <30 seconds
7. Color of membrane dermalis: sage green, the coating material has good covering powder.

Coating Property:
1. Color: sage green
2. Thickness: 0.8~2.5µm
3. Adhesion: A class
4. Interface resistance: 500Ωmm2/piece
5. Temperature resistance: the coating without shedding during two hours under temperature 750℃
6. Salt Spray Test: with 5% NaCl solution, the corrosion area is less than 20%

Product Description: This product is used for metal surface treatment.

Shipped in 10 days after payment

Packing 500 grms to 25 kgs drum available.

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