Sodium Hexameta Phosphate

Sodium Hexameta Phosphate

Product name: Sodium Hexameta Phosphate

CAS No: 10124-56-8

Specification: Tech grade
Total Phosphate (as P2o5): 68%min
Inactive Phosphate(as P2O5): 7.5%max
Water insoluble: 0.06%max
PH value: 5.8-7.0
Fe: 0.05% max
Size: 10-60mesh,90%min
Average degree of polymerization: 10-35
Appearance: White Powder

1, mainly used in food and industrial sectors. Which food industry applications are:
Sodium hexametaphosphate for meat products, fish sausage, ham, etc., can increase water holding capacity, increase the junction sex, to prevent fat oxidation;
For bean paste, soy sauce to prevent discoloration, increase the viscosity, shorten the fermentation period, regulate the taste;
For fruit drinks, soft drinks, can increase the rate of juice, increased viscosity, inhibition of vitamin C decomposition;
For ice cream can increase the expansion capacity, increase the volume and enhance the role of emulsion to prevent paste damage, improve the taste and color;
For dairy products, beverages prevent gel precipitation;
Add beer to clarify the wine, to prevent muddy;
For beans, canned fruits and vegetables, can stabilize natural pigments, protect food color;
Sodium hexametaphosphate aqueous spray coating on pickled meat, can improve the anti-corrosion properties.
2, mainly in the industrial sector:
Sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium fluoride can be heated to produce monofluorophosphate, which is an important industrial raw materials;
Sodium hexametaphosphate as a water softener, such as used in dyeing and finishing, play a role of water softener;
Sodium hexametaphosphate is also used as a scale inhibitor widely used in EDI (resin electrodialysis), RO (reverse osmosis), NF (nanofiltration) and other water treatment industry.

Danger Grade: General Cargo 

Shipping: within 12 days

Packaging: 20KG or 25kg per bag

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