Sodium Hydride

Sodium Hydride

Product name: Sodium Hydride

CAS No: 7646-69-7 

Silver gray greasy substance; content 50%; 
Active hydrogen content (purity) 96%
Molecular Weight: 24.00 
Appearance: white powder

Property: Melted and decomposed simultaneously at 800;not soluble in liquid ammonia,carbon disulfide,carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvent;stable in dry air or oxygen at room temperature;very easily hydrolyzed in damp air;acutely reacting with water.

Application: As condensation agent,reducer,alkyl reagent,catalyzer,Kreison reagent in organic synthesis of pharmaceuticals,spice,pesticide,blanching agent of dyestuff,macro-chemicals.

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1.100g tin  
2.250g tin  
3.500g net packed in sealed can inner with soluble package, then in cartons

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