Sodium Sulphide Solid

Sodium Sulphide Solid

Product name: Sodium Sulphide Solid

CAS No: 1313-82-2

Na2S 60%Min. 
Water insolubles 0.4% Max. 
Fe 0.15%Max. 
Na2CO3 5%Max
Appearance: red or yellow solid/flake
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Property: Solid-fused, brown red color flakes or light yellow crystalline small crystal flakes, with SO2 ordor, soluble in water, presenting strong alkaline solution, easily oxidized when exposed to air.

1.sodium sulphide in dyestuff industry: it is used to make sulphide dye, as raw material of cure lividity and cure blue.
2.sodium sulphide in dye printing industry: it is used as dye agent in solving thion dye.
3.In leather industry: it is used in hydrolytic decomposition to make raw hide depilated.
4.sodium sulphide in paper industry: it is used as digest agent. 
5.sodium sulphide in textile industry: it is used to reduce nitrified objects and man-made  fibre, used  as  mordant  in  dyeing cotton fabric.
6.sodium sulphide in mining industry,As ore flotation agent in the ferrous metallurgy industry.

Shipping: within 30 days

Packaging: 25kg plastic woven bag

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