Titanium alloy

Titanium alloy

Product name: Titanium alloy

Density: 4.5 grams/centimeters 3.
Melting point: 1660±10℃
Boiling point: 3287℃
Shape: Round
Technique: Forged
purity: 99.95%
Application: Industry,Medical
Length: 6000mm

Used in aviation industry, the shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, manufacturing machinery parts, telecommunications equipment, hard alloy, mainly in the oil industry for all kinds of containers, reactor, heat exchangers, distillation, piping, pumps and valves has increasingly widely.

Marine,Airframes,Gas Turbine Engines , Heat exchangers, Condensers,Desalination plant,Dental alloys,Pulp and paper, Centrifuges, Springs ,Sporting equipment,Automotive ,Seawater piping ,Medical implants ,Electrochemistry,Steam turbines, Food and pharmaceutical industry, Oil refining and gas industry, Jewellery, architecture, domestic appliances.

Shipping: Shipped in 10 days after payment

1. Soft paper inside and wooden case outside;
2. According to customer's specific details to make.

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