Titanium coil

Titanium coil

Product name: Titanium coil

By request
Liquid Flow Rate: Optional
Voltage: Optional
Dimension(L*W*H): By request
Power(W): Optional
Application: Refrigeration Parts
Specific use: Heating and cooling

Product Description: 
High heat transfer effect with , heat transfer speed, energy saving effect is good wait for a characteristic. The are widely used in chemical industry, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, etc.

1)Usually used for heating and cooling.
2)Pure titanium tube has super strong corrosion proof ability and high intensity.
3) The seamless titanium tube was tested by 2.0MPa pressure to make sure the tube is strong and not leakage .
4)It has the character of strong corrosion resistance ,good heat resistance , high conductivity, non-toxic,no-scale ,no-blocking , no contamination of medium,and not easy to formed oxides on the surface.

Shipping: Shipped in 15 days after payment

1.Wooden case, free of fumigating
2. Steel pallet + wooden case (above 1 ton/case)
3. Avaliable upon the client's request

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