Titanium ingot

Titanium ingot

Product name: Titanium ingot

Weight: 4.5g/cm3
Dimensions: length 800-1400mm/piece
Grade: pure titanium
purity: 99.95% to 99.999%

Product Description:  Compared to other metals, Titanium is a lustrous and silver transition metal with low density and high corrosion resistance to sea water, aqua regia and chlorine. It also has excellent strength retention in temperatures up to 800 K, is 30% stronger than steel and twice as strong as aluminum.
Titanium ingots are made by melting titanium sponge, with the addition of the alloying elements in the case of titanium alloys. Since titanium reacts readily with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, the melting process is performed in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. Water-cooled copper is used for the crucible. Methods that can be used to melt the titanium include consumable electrode vacuum arc, electron beam, and plasma arc. We use the consumable electrode vacuum arc method, the method most widely utilized on an industrial basis.

Application: Industrial, medical, etc

Shipping: Shipped in 3 days after payment

1. The first layer of packaging is moisture-proof paper; 
2. The second packing with kraft paper; 
3. Then packing with foam plastics in all sides of plywood case; 
4. The outside packing with plywood cases.

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