Electronic grade titanium dioxide

Electronic grade titanium dioxide

Product name: Electronic grade titanium dioxide
Color: White Titanium Dioxide

Physical properties: 
Crystallinity Rutile XRD 
Particle size(μm) 0.19 SEM 
Sp.surface area(m2/g) 7.2 BET 
Moisture (wt%) 0.09 At 105°C(2h) 
Ignition loss (wt%) 0.28 At 1100°C(1h) 
Chemical properties: Na(wt%) 0.0001 
Cl 0.0010 
Ca 0.0001 
Fe 0.0001 
Mg 0.0023 
K 0.002 
Al 0.0010 

Application: Enamel,ceramic industry,electronic industry,electric appliances and welding unit etc

Shipping: Within 7-15 days after confirmation

Packaging: 25kg bag for Titanium Dioxide 
1 ful=20/24 mt with pallet

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