Rubidium iodide

Rubidium iodide

Product Name: Rubidium iodide

CAS number :7790-29-6
Formula: IRb 
Melting point:642 °C
MW:      212.37200
Exact Mass:   211.81600
Melting point: 642 °C
Boiling point:  1300 °C
Density:               3.55 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Water Solubility: 152 g/100 mL (17 ºC)
Properties: Colorless cubic crystal or white crystalline powder.
                        Soluble in water, alcohol, liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in acetone
                        Its aqueous solution is neutral or slightly alkaline.
                        Exposure easy to decompose and light decompose;Should avoid light and sealed storage
Usage:         1.Raw materials for making metal rubidium and various rubidium salts;
                        2. For making Catalyst
                        3. For making miniature high Energy battery 
                        4. For making crystal scintillation counter
                        5. For treatment of syphilis

Product Application:
Rubidium iodide is used as raw materials, preparation of catalyst metals rubidium and various rubidium salt production, high-energy battery and micro crystal scintillation counter. Also used in medicine for treating syphilis.

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